You command a small division of tanks. Your orders are to destroy the enemy base. Your opponent is another person, just like you. His orders are to destroy your base. Who will win?


Tank's fast pace is balanced by the subtlety of strategy. Like chess, but only a few minutes long and you get to blow things up.


Have it all figured out? Then advance in rank and get matched against better players on trickier battlegrounds. Or meet your friends on a custom channel, and then distract them with your own witty taunts.

How to win:

Destroy the enemy base. Or destroy all of the enemy tanks.


Easy Controls:

Arrow keys move.

Select shoots at the highest priority target your tank can see. Priorities are: enemies, near to far, then the nearest tree, fence, cactus, or moon habitat, finally the closest fuel barrel. For more precise handling, use the advanced controls.

Advanced Controls:


1- Up-Left

2- Up

3- Up-Right

4- Down-Left

5- Down

6- Down-Right


Flashing red crosshairs show what you are aiming at.

7- Rotate turret counter clockwise

8- Fire

9- Rotate turret clockwise

Switch Tanks:

A flashing blue circle indicates which tank you are controlling.

*- Control previous tank

#- Control next tank


CLR- Forfeit game or toggle sound.

Using the radio:

During your opponents turn, you can press the number keys to transmit a message. You can customize these messages in the Options menu.


Both you and your opponent will see the message. Press Select or CLR to dismiss the message, or wait for it to disappear. Meanwhile, the game is paused. You will not be able to send another message for several seconds.



Turn time limit:


A bar on the right edge of the screen indicates how much time and energy you have left for your turn. The bar starts out blue and changes to red as your turn progresses. Moving or shooting uses your energy faster. Some tanks use more energy to move, and some use more to fire their gun. Your turn is over when the bar is completely red. The bottom part of your screen will turn black and say “Opponent’s Turn” while you watch the other player take his turn.

Friendly Health:

The health of your tank is displayed in a blue box on the bottom right corner of the screen. Shooting or aiming the gun will replace this box with the orange enemy health display. You can return to the blue friendly health display by selecting another tank with the * or # buttons.

Enemy Health:

If you shoot at or target an enemy tank, the enemy’s health is displayed in an orange box in the bottom right corner of the screen.

Advanced Sticky Targeting Computer:

Your tank's advanced sticky targeting computer is activated when you rotate the turret (with the 7 and 9 keys). The sticky targeting computer places a flashing red crosshair over the target, and stays locked on that target even if your tank moves or you switch to control another tank. The sticky targeting computer turns off if you move behind a tree or mountain and can no longer see the target.


Your score increases as you win games against other players. Forfeiting games is cowardly, so you score is reduced. Winning games against the robot is not counted towards your rank with other players. More challenging levels become available as your score increases. You can view your score by selecting the “View Score” option in the main menu, or browsing the web to .

Playing with friends:

Talk to your friends and agree on a channel to meet on. Change to that channel in the “Change Channel” screen off of the main menu, then select “Play” from the main menu. You will then be matched against anyone in the channel you pick. If you get tired of waiting for your friends, press Select to play against anyone on the server.


There are three locales-- moon, desert, and forest.

Important Pieces:






Destroying one of these ends the game.

Heavy Tank

Powerful, slow moving tanks.


Light and fast tanks with lighter artillery.


Powerful guns that do not move


Bulldozers dig themselves in and are hard to destroy. They do not shoot.

Explosive Barrel

Fuel barrels damage everything around them when they explode.

Energy Bean

Energy beans increase your fire power or restore your health.


Main Menu:

This is the first screen that you see when you enter the game. Use the arrow keys and the select button to move to another screen. The CLEAR and END keys will quit the game and disconnect you from the network (if you are connected).

-        Play: Play the game. Selecting this option will take you to the Finding Opponent screen. You phone will connect to the internet if it is not already connected. This uses your airtime minutes.

-        Change Channel: Play only with your friends by meeting them on a channel that you all agree on. Channel 1 is where everyone hangs out, Channel 0 is where the robot hangs out.

-        View Score: View your score. This requires an internet connection, so your phone will dial the internet (using your airtime) if you are not already connected.

-        Help: View the instructions.

-        Options: Set game options. Here you can turn sound on and off, set your name, and customize the messages that you can send to other people.

Main Menu, Connecting To Network:

This screen is displayed while Tank is connecting to the network. The red bar on the bottom of the screen grows as the phone dials the internet. Sometimes it takes only a few seconds to connect to the network, while other times it seems to take forever. Multiplayer Tank tries to connect three times, to three different servers, and will eventually give up trying on it’s own. However, if you get tired of waiting you can press the CLEAR key to return to the Main Menu.


Sometimes your phone can make a voice call but will have trouble connecting to the internet. In our experience, charging the battery often helps the phone connect to the network faster, as does extending the antenna. Don’t give up hope if it still doesn’t work—just try again later or when you are in a place with better reception.


The little blue phone on the top of the screen tells you when Multiplayer Tank is using your phone and airtime minutes. Exit Tank to hang up and stop using airtime.

Finding Opponent:

The radar scope spins as the advanced tank network searches the internet for an opponent. If you are waiting for one of your friends to join you on a custom channel and get impatient, press SELECT to instead play with anyone else that is online. If you are waiting for anyone to join you, you can press SELECT to give up waiting and play against the robot. Note that playing against the robot still uses your airtime minutes. The CLEAR key will return you to the main menu, while the END key will immediately exit the game.

Change Channel:

If you only want to play with your friends, enter the same channel number as they do, then select “Play” from the main menu. Channels can be up to 7 digits long. Channel 1 is the default channel where everyone hangs out, and Channel 0 brings you immediately to a game against the robot. Press SELECT to save your new channel and return to the main menu.

View Score:

This will call the advanced tank network to fetch your score from the internet. It will also tell you how many people are online at the Multiplayer Tank network right now. Pressing CLEAR or SELECT will return you to the main menu. You can also view your score on the web at .

Options Menu:

This is where you set game options. The CLEAR key will return you to the main menu.

-        Sound: Turns the sound effects on and off

-        Name: Set your name for other players to see and to be posted on the score board

-        Messages: Set the message that will be sent when you press the corresponding number key during your opponents turn. Key 1 sends message 1, key 2 sends message 2, and so on. Key 0 sends message 10.

-        Return to Main Menu: Select this option to return to the main menu.


Learn more about Mutliplayer TankThis screen gives you quick instructions on how to use Tank. Use the arrow keys to scroll through the text. Pressing CLEAR or SELECT will return you to the main menu.

Network Connection:

Tank is a multiplayer game that uses the internet. It uses your air time minutes to talk to the robot opponent, human players, and to view your score. It starts using them when you play a game or when you view your score, and stays connected until you exit Tank. The little blue phone on the top of the screen tells you when Multiplayer Tank is using your phone and airtime minutes.


Your phone requires good reception to talk to the internet. It is sometimes possible that you can make a voice phone call with your phone, but the reception is not good enough to connect to the internet. If this happens, try extending the antenna, charging the battery, or try calling again when you are in a place with better reception.


We want you to enjoy Multiplayer Tank as much as we do! Please contact us if you have any problems, questions, or comments. Email us at:

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I play with a specific person?

You and your friend must be on the same channel:

-        Pick a number between 2 and 9,999,999 (any number that someone else isn’t using will do)

-        Give the number to your friend. Tell them to meet you on that channel.

-        Start the game.

-        Select “Change Channel” in the main menu

-        Type in the number.

-        Select “Play” in the Main Menu.

-        Wait for your friend to arrive.

If you have a lot of friends who like to play, all of you can be on the same channel. Whoever has been waiting the longest will be matched against the next person to play in your channel.

How do I always play with the robot?

Change to channel 0:

-        Start the game

-        Select “Change Channel” in the main menu

-        Enter 0

-        Select “Play” in the Main Menu

If you want to play with people again, simply change back to channel 1. You can also play against the robot by pressing SELECT in the “Finding Opponent” screen once or twice until it says “Calling robot.”

I keep pressing numbers during my opponent’s turn, but only the first message is displayed.

You must wait several seconds between sending messages. This keeps the game moving at a fun pace.

I can’t connect to the Multiplayer Tank network, even though I have coverage and voice calls work just fine.

Your phone requires good reception to talk to the internet. Sometimes you can make a voice phone call with your phone, but the reception is not good enough to connect to the internet. If this happens, try extending the antenna, charging the battery, or try calling again when you are in a place with better reception.

How do I change the volume of the music and sound?

The “Ringer Volume” of your phone controls the sound volume in the game. To adjust the ringer volume on the CDMA-9500 phone:

-        Press the right arrow key

-        Select Settings

-        Select Ringer Volume

-        Use the arrow keys to adjust the Ringer Volume


You can turn the sound on or off in the Options menu of the game:

-        Start the game

-        Select Options

-        Select Sound

I keep changing my messages and name, but they aren’t being saved when I go back into the game.

Your phone’s memory could be so full that there is no room to save your options. To fix this:

-        Exit Multiplayer Tank

-        Select the “Shopping Cart” in the top left corner of the screen

-        Select “Options”

-        View the amount of memory that is used. If 100% of the memory is used, then Multiplayer Tank does not have enough room to save your options. Try disabling or removing another application from your phone to free up space.

Will my score statistics be saved if I disable or remove Multiplayer Tank from my phone? If I change my name? If I change phones?

Yes, yes, no. Multiplayer Tank uses an advanced system that ensures you will not lose your score if you disable or remove the game, or change your name in the game. However, it does not have a way to know that you are you if you get a new phone. In this case please email us at and we will attach your score to your new phone.

You didn’t answer my question. How do I …. ?

We want you to enjoy Multiplayer Tank as much as we do! Please contact us at